New FAQ for the Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can integrate data and sync documents between 100+ typically used IT systems and apps without programming. Find new answers to frequently asked questions below.

This FAQ describes the causes and fixes when getting 'Access Denied' error with connections that use Windows integrated security with the Cloud Connector service.

While the Microsoft OneDrive for Business document synchronization client is a free tool for end-users, the Layer2 Cloud Connector offers advanced features as often needed to solve typical business requirements with Microsoft cloud data integration, file migration, backup, or synchronization. Find a comparison of the OneDrive Sync Client and the Layer2 Cloud Connector in this fact sheet.

Learn how to use the Layer2 Cloud Connector to connect Citrix ShareFile with SharePoint

Learn how to use the Layer2 Cloud Connector to connect Elasticsearch with SharePoint

Learn how to use the Layer2 Cloud Connector to connect Microsoft Graph with SharePoint

Learn how to connect Microsoft Planner with SharePoint using the Layer2 Cloud Connector

Microsoft Office 365 Groups offers a completely new way of team collaboration, directly within Office Outlook, Outlook Web Access or mobile apps. You can easily share email, notes, documents, events, and more with your team members. The Layer2 Cloud Connector can help to integrate 100+ external systems and apps like local or cloud-based SQL/ERP/CRM codelessly to notify Group members about any changes in the connected systems.

Learn how to use the Layer2 Cloud Connector to connect Open Exchange Rates with SharePoint

Learn how to use the Layer2 Cloud Connector to connect SuiteCRM with SharePoint

Learn how to configure the Layer2 Cloud Connector to synchronize data to and from Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams

If you receive this error: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for the install to complete could not be run." find a resolution here.

Version 7 of the Layer2 Cloud Connector comes with a Dynamics Columns feature. This feature allows users to define new data columns in addition to the ones that are returned by a data entity. The values of these columns are calculated at run-time via C# code, and can be based on the content of other columns. This allows for customized calculations, conversions, translations, and formatting of the data to be synchronized between 100+ systems and apps, e.g. Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics, SQL, ERP/CRM and more.

​You can keep SharePoint or Office 365 list data and documents in sync cross site collections or even cross tenants via the Layer2 Cloud Connector. This could solve typical requirements such as connecting different SharePoint sites, site collections, SharePoint on-prem installations (local or hosted by providers), and on-premises sites to Office 365, e.g. to publish pre-selected items or documents from intranet to extranet. You can sync one-way, or even two-way. Documents in Office Groups are supported as well as in Microsoft Teams.

A client side network issue can cause a 404 error when trying to upload files larger than 300MB to SharePoint Online. Read more about a solution here.

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