Authentification & Security FAq of the Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can integrate data and sync documents between 100+ typically used IT systems and apps without programming. Find answers to frequently asked questions specifically about authentication and security.

This FAQ describes the causes and fixes when getting 'Access Denied' error with connections that use Windows integrated security with the Cloud Connector service.

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) in version 1.0 will soon be deprecated and no longer available. Read here how to enable TLS 1.2 on your machine running the Cloud Connector to prevent synchronization downtimes.

Office 365 authentication error: 'Html input not found' in Layer2 Cloud Connector. There are workarounds for this known issue.

RM Education Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of ICT to UK education. RM Unify is their cloud-based web application, now fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365. The Layer2 Cloud Connector can be used to connect to RM Unify, federated with Office 365, and sync almost any external data sources like databases, files or other local or cloud-based organizational data with native SharePoint Online lists and libraries. A great benefit for any school or university.

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