digitized target agreements with Nintex Workflow and SharePoint

By using Layer2 Cloud Connector, YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH was able to save a lot of time and simplify previously complicated processes. Through a Nintex Workflow that connects Nintex with SharePoint daily work is more efficient.



Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 On-Premises, Nintex Workflow and Layer2 Cloud Connector



Wholesaling and export



307 in Rellingen, Germany and 760 more throughout Europe


Company location

Head office in Rellingen, Germany and 37 branches in Europe

"Thanks to the automated Nintex Workflows, we save a lot of time and the integration with SharePoint means that all relevant information is in one central location."


Kirke Wahabi-Knepel | HR Controller at YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH

Who is YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH?

YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of musical instruments and hi-fi components. Their European headquarter is located in Rellingen near Hamburg. Around 300 employees currently work there for local and Europe-wide sales of the various product groups as well as for central functions. 500 more employees work in sales offices, for example in France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

Image of YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH logo on a product

Email ping-pong with Excel files

The human resources department of YAMAHA previously used Lotus Notes to record data for target agreement meetings and to create a bonus system. Employees and managers received Excel files that were filled out, updated and sent by email several times.


The result: an extreme amount of time - the preparation and follow-up of the meetings was associated with a high administrative effort. The customer therefore wanted a simpler solution with centrally stored documents and an automated workflow with email notifications, so that the manual sending of files by email would no longer be necessary. SharePoint 2013 On-Premises was already in place and was to serve as a central point of contact for employees and managers.

Nintex Workflow automates manual tasks in no time

In an initial meeting, we recommended Nintex Workflow as a solution for professionally mapping the desired and complex business processes. YAMAHA approved the proposal, whereupon we designed an initial version.

Mockup of YAMAHA Music Europe Group GmbH target agreements by Nintex worklow

Central storage in first version

With Nintex Workflow, all employees automatically receive a document folder in SharePoint. Excel files can be manually moved to this central folder, which automatically sends emails and notifies authorized persons. Thanks to the central storage, the Human Resources department can easily access important information, such as the status of the file. This provides a better overview, reduces the flood of emails and saves a lot of time. 

Second version with modified Excel tables

In the second step, the Excel files were replaced by forms fully integrated into SharePoint. This made it possible to upload information to the forms and download it from the forms - such as bonus calculations or interest in training courses. Previously, this was prevented by a technical problem: the columns and rows were partially blocked in Excel. This resulted in a lot of administrative work. YAMAHA needed a specific form for each of the job categories Management, Office Staff and Field Staff - in English, and in some cases also in French. In this way, the customer can create a target agreement for each employee with just a few clicks and fully automatically.

Info graphic of a Nintex workflow where Layer2 Cloud Connector connects Nintex and SharePoint

Nintex Workflow for digitized target agreements in SharePoint: how to

#1 Layer2 Cloud Connector queries all users in the Active Directory, which integrates them into the SharePoint list. 

#2 HR enters the financial year, branch and job category in an Excel spreadsheet. From this, the workflow generates a data record that the department can complete with all relevant information.

#3 Layer2 Cloud Connector imports the employee-related data from the Excel spreadsheet.

#4 Once this information has been approved, the workflow generates a target agreement

#5 The workflow triggers the process step by sending email notifications. Layer2 Cloud Connector then imports the necessary information from Excel lists into the individual forms. The line managers then conduct the target agreement meeting, which both confirm with an electronic signature. This changes the status in the system and the workflow continues.

#6 The HR department retrieves the data from the SharePoint list, exports it to the Excel file and can carry out the desired evaluation. 

Special cases considered 

We ensured that the workflow automatically adjusts the authorization structure - for example, in special cases such as employees leaving early or a change of manager. We also enabled the human resources department to set timings in the workflow or to skip individual interview phases.

Central information for a better overview during target agreement meetings

Our solution provides YAMAHA with centralized information and a better overview. The integrated SharePoint lists have significantly reduced the administrative workload. Analyses can be easily created by downloading data, which saves the HR department time. In addition, the planning of further training can be integrated into SharePoint - Excel did not offer this option.

"For us, the entire process, from the creation of target agreements to evaluations of all kinds, has been greatly simplified by automated Nintex Workflows in SharePoint."



Kirke Wahabi-Knepel | HR Controller at YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH

Nintex and SharePoint integration in minutes 

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